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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  January 31, 2017 4:00pm-6:01pm PST

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see with developers they have multiple goals to achieve reducing vehicle miles on the road and reiterate the points that supervisor fewer made i think that is important to figure out how we balance all the goals that our city has around development to assure we're disincentivesing and achieving other goals reducing the number of vehicles on the road i have a question i'd like to have a member of planning come up i know that corey teague was in conversation with any office any questions were around the kworment mechanisms in place for the ordinance now the way i read the ordinance that was silent in terms of penalty that were put in place plus or minus tcertificate of
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occupancy you want to make sure they're put in place before we issue a certificate of occupancy any questions are related to a after the opening of commercial space beyond the monitoring and have reporting and nooifrt the site what is the actual penalty if the property owner decided to remove parts of tdm in the future. >> thank you, supervisors corey smith on behalf of the housing coalition. corey teague we'll have a monitor plan for the site environmentalist reporting requirements to help to insure that all the features of the tdm plan stay in place that is a new
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components as you may know typically our enforcement complaint based we open a case we research if if so a violation we go through the due diligence and if so a penalty phase that progress will remain during the monitoring and reporting process staff determined their tdm plan was out of compliance they'll for the property owner and if it was something that can be brought immediately into compliance that will be done if they're unable or unwillingly to bring into compliance we'll create an enforcement case and the process will unfold we essentially sends them the required violations and it from the abated the same penalty phase that exists right now for
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any other code enforcement issue i can go both detail if you like. >> all code visions are equal they are assessed the same. >> we're capped how much we can charge as 200 and $50 a day for a code violation we can't go above but require the property owner in violation covers staff times additional fees on top of the penalty fees additional to that the city attorney can also assess civil penalties and take additional enforcement action outside of planning department to assure enforcement. >> so regardless of the scope of the violation how big, small whether missing bike rack or a
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shuttle bus. >> that's 200 and $50 a day and that's the maximum in the codes. >> i see when you say max to the discretion of the planning department how much to charge up to $250 a day and zoning administrator can charge up to $250 a day. >> what's the assessment of the fees a timeline bye bye which we'll assess those fees that came up with some of the popos in the district three or four years later no fees were seated this is great to have this in place but not helpful if so not assessed the timeline there is a due process in terms of the property owners are noticed and have a chance to respond request a hearing for a case and the
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zoning administrator issues a violation letter that kind of firms an opportunity for the property owner to appeal to the board of appeals when it is exhausted and the violation is final at that point the daily fees may started accruing i. >> i think i have official i understand this tdm policy will be under the umbrella of the overall policy scheme he look forward to working with place of business on that we called for a report and hearing on that thank you for answering any questions. >> sure. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president breed my questions would be similar to
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supervisor fewers we want to thank supervisor cohen for working on this legislation and that the concept of the tdm is something i really do support and make sense to go forward and develop the measures around this issue and- i've been staff has come to any office to explain the overall concept of the tdm to us and talked about a lot of those measures in terms of rattling them off i'm not comfortable with not figuring out how to weigh these things and so forth so today, if we are passing this i think what i'm understanding if we pass is this
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concept that then basically the board of supervisors have no say so on what those measures are and how that is weighed and so forth i'm wondering if there is a way for the understanding what the measures are and how that is weighed either through a hearing before we vote on that or can we - can we ask that we approve the measures in the future when they are totally finalized can i ask there the board president to the city attorney gibner. >> mr. gibner. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney. so the as you said supervisor yee the ordinance in its current
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as the scheme is conceived the board adopt the tdm requirement and planning adopt the tdm standards the board could adopt the tdm standard itself that's not how this has been conceived and not how it is drafts the board can require that planning approves the standard and bring them to the board the board will adopt by ordinance a future ordinance if you want to make that amendment i would like to discuss it with planning how exactly that fits and how does that work and ask that we at least the board continue the item to later in the meeting and maybe continue it a week
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entirety. >> i know for any district probable other district supervisors in their computes that care about this our balboa reservoir and when not in discussion the laguna honda boulevard and forest hill project and the 5 hundred more units, 4 hundred more units the issue of how do you deal with transportation demands have come up over and over and over and over one of the major topics we talk about development that is important for me to understand this so i can explain to any constituents what this is all means and if right now i don't you know i
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don't feel comfortable with the fact this is the overall plan and do whatever you want with this. >> if i may other options the board can sorrow asking planning to present the hearing to the full board or to the land use committee on the current standards or come back to the board the ordinance requires reporting in a year and 4 years thereafter but frequent reporting at the outset or a report before planning considered any future changes to the tdm standard so the board can weigh in and, of course, at any time in the future the board can adopt a future ordinance that rise the theme and takes the authority to adopt the standards themselves.
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>> oh, lots of options. >> i think personally i'll be happy to weigh in with the initial measures and i know that there will be adjustments going to be made as you know further down the road and that is something those will be minor relatively speaking i think they have so many measures right now i can't forgathom to amend the measures.
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>> thank you kneeing supervisor cohen before we get to supervisor yee i'll call of planning i want to hear from them as well supervisor i want to start at the top in some of the things i've heard and comment on supervisor fewer just to assure her what we're dealing with is a living document and that will will be updated as new data comes in i want to note that dpw deducting came to the land use committee to support this particular item and said this program is important to the vision zero tool i think supervisor kim you had questions about that i also want to call out the department of health vision zero with sfmta and supervisor yee a couple of thoughts and call on
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planning and possibly mta to speak but - the format the way we are formulating that policy is similar to construction of formula retail and the board does a framework and the planning does the standards as i think mrib mentioned want to acknowledge we could require via a hearing to get more information how planning come up with the measures and points so this they can explain the literature review and the data foundation those are the critical pieces i'm hearing concerns from any colleagues this initial piece of policy the initial one the planning had hearings on 3 hearings on the
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standards and frankly, we've heard it twice in the land use committee with that, i want to bring up the planning department does mta want to speak next okay. we'll hear from planning first address supervisor yee's concerns. >> yes. >> supervisors wade senior planner through the incident so you - we've been trying to assign the points in the meow memo the first thing we identified transportation demand management measure and we had two criterias reduce the vehicle millions traveled and some data evidences literature becomes
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research indicated it independent and two needed to be under the control of a project sponsor that is filing an application with the department there is a larger world of tdm mta larger manages that but this was about what we have legal authority to community-based organization on a developer and what we can monitor we started that with one hundred not hundreds but 50 or so narrowed that down to the measures in the options that are before you and then started assigning points based on that literature and data said we also based on outreach came up with invite measures with the tdm friendly and had 3 hearings at the planning commission and 3 at the land use committee
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we are more than happy to dive into the wheeze about the technical details and we envision that might come up and for future planners besides the document we have a document not adopted boutique justification for how we develop the memo and how we assign the points that cites numerous studies and kind of the day to day work we did to develop the memo that's how we got do o to where we are and creating a program that is responsive enough to update over time that's why the way the ordinance was structured to reference to the planning commission so we have the ability to be nimble we don't anticipate as substantial
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changes over time in terms of the vast majority of memo items but may find new measures and find out that new measures are not effective we'll assign that to the planning commission and have the ability to approve that mta if you want to say anything. >> thank you wade through the chair victor i want to step back and address vision zero appreciate supervisor fewer you bringing that up we're committed to that policy the point value that is assigned is really data driven about reducing vehicle miles traveled one of the tools we have in vision zero to reduce the frequency of collisions in a way if you think about it globally retail use the vehicle miles traveled it what it is about it is complimentary to the other
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policies we're doing to make sure the city achieves the vision zero and not reflect we don't value walking in the city so the point values is a reflection of the reduction of vehicle miles travel globally the more vehicles we reduce traveled fewer incidents and fewer opportunities with collision with pedestrians or anyone else holistically the reduction of vehicles traveled supports the vision zero policy the department of health as supervisor cohen mentions was in support of this program overall the program really aims to not only by the way, not only the vision zero goals but the reduction - >> carly one comment in
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response to other policies in the city that we have and hold dear as city agencies a number of measures support other city policies but the way for instance, points more affordable housing points more affordable housing onsite not because of affordable housing policies they're allocated and others as well so we've tried to stay focused on the primary goal of the program reducing the driving and doing so i think been helpful not only to provide the signals of how effective different measures are but also we've had a number of different interests come to us and want
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more points for their measures or their measures in the memo there is not data to support so staying true to the concept of demonstrated our best practices and reducing the vehicle miles traveled helped us to make that program. >> supervisor cohen any other comments. >> supervisor yee. >> supervisor cohen thank you for your suggestion i think rather than holed up everything i know that people have been working diligently on that and i appreciate there are measures that give credit for family-friendly housing pieces in here. >> childcare.
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>> and give that - i'd like to have a hearing to dive dive into the weeds and feedback on the board that you'll take it seriously i'm going to have to trust you'll take it seriously otherwise say we should pass the measures if you can accept that i will ask for a hearing even though it has been heard in land use u land use but this is in the weeds do i need to ask for a hearing i'll ask for a hearing for the measures of the tdm. >> thank you supervisor yee and seeing no other names on the roster, we're done with the conversation it looks like unless any other - nope
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supervisor safai. >> just really quick commend supervisor cohen add me as a co-sponsor. >> thank you. >> and madam clerk on the item as amended please call roll. >> supervisor farrell supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy supervisor tang supervisor yee commissioner london breed o supervisor breed supervisor cohen there are 12 i's. >> the ordinance as amended passes unanimously on the first reading as next. >> for the subdivisions to require a design important a tentative partial map for
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services activities to each parcel and firmer the ceqa determination. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president breed as the internet has evolved as is 21st century offender power and water i introduce this towards the future when a new bring us on the residential and commercial see they can support the video and communication services for residents and businesses for the next century so the policy is straightforward our local law has no sub divide to parcels within a new subdivisions that implements the state provision that adds in the reminded within a new subdivisions the snaungs from a cost and labor perspective is minute all and in most cases will raise the property value with the
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importance of the communicates services and certainly going forward i want to make sure we introduce 24 to put san francisco if a breeder good place going forward i think that is golf course that the owner adds this in the illustrate subdivisions codes for the first time in the history we're taking a step to codify those illustrates as they are thank you, john the city attorney and the development and land use committee for the positive recommendation and my staff in particular hope to have our support. >> thank you and seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on first reading so amend chapter four 1 for the hotel conversion. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president
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and colleagues with the update to chapter four 1 of our administrative code or the hotel conversion ordinance as commonly called we're taking a historic step to preserve one of the our most precious source of affordable housing stoke in san francisco as well as to strengthen the tenant protections thank you, my co-sponsors supervisor jane kim and supervisor safai and supervisor jeff sheehy and is supervisor hillary ronen in the order of our co-sponsorship for your support and humbling ask for all of your support today that legislation seeks to protect our incredibly valuable sro heretofore that has house the low wage and immigrant families and seniors disability residents and artists and musicians and at least in north beach the beloved neighborhood
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eccentrics after a wave of sro demolitions that swept not only san francisco but cities across the united states in the 19 san jose and 1980s and the 1990s san francisco in the late 19 san jose passed a moratorium on the conversion of sro rental units to tourist units or demolition ♪ 1981 reuben, junius & rose can tells you but adopted chapter 41 of the administrative code that regulated the way those unites are reinstated as well as the way they can be converted and during that time as a matter of fact if you read chapter four 1 of the administrative code the recitals talk about in the 19 san jose north of 33 thousands
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of those units today less than 20 thousand a hair more than 19 thousand that laws was updated in 1940s a quarter of a century ago and needs to be brought both is the dawn of the 15 today, i want to thank the many, many individuals and organizations that have been involved first and foremost thank the department of building inspection and specifically rosemary bosque our housing inspections at dbi as is here and her staff is the endorser of this legislation now since it's inception this update to chapter four 1 does the following things that stops the practice of short term leasing the residential rooms in sros and updates the
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perpetrates and conversion fees and strengthens the hotel forgive requirements monitoring and overall enforcement housing of dbi many things in the legislation larger untouched with the seasonal benefits to lease out tourists use rooms during the high tourist season if their vacated and finally one non-substantive addition today to the hotel requirements to include a floor plan with the various residential and tourist designations clearly delineated on the map and those are very simple changes on page 9 at line or page 8 at line 25 to insert in the last line along with a graphic floor plan per floor
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reflecting the designations and at package 9 starting at the line 9 insert the graphic floor plan on file with the department of building inspection, and finally on page 14 at line 10 insert including the graphic floor plan at beginning of line 10 these amendments have been reviewed by deputy city attorney rob i want to thank deputy city attorney rob for his work and specifically my staff sony for her many months of work on that came after the previous board that half of us or two-thirds served on that put a intern moratorium in place while we updated chapter four 1 and specifically thank the sro collaborative's admission and
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central city and the aids housing alliance the human rights committee and soma and united local 2 the tenants union and the many individuals including individuals who i've heard from the hotel operators and he owners and if i can ask all the supporters of this to stand up i want to thank you all very, very much for your support as this was formulated >> (clapping.) >> ms. boskey is here and is available for questions and with that, i will cede the floor. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor safai. >> thank you first and foremost supervisor peskin and his staff for putting forward this important legislation that is in times like those i enjoy
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put putting often any city hat as you said chapter four 1 is dedicated to the history of this affordable housing it can't be lost how in many ways san francisco is the leader for the nation because we have for sight in the early 80s, noticing to protect this housing all over the country they allow this housing to be demolished or transformed into the other forms of housing this type of housing that houses our null arrived guns or disabled many if not for this housing would not be living in san francisco. >> and so we should be honored we're moving forward
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aggressively we need to protect the vulnerable i'm proud to be a sponsor i'll add in those times with the extensiveness of this city and the most vulnerable to prioritize them 0 is thank you, again supervisor peskin. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and supervisor ronen i also want to thank supervisor peskin and his staff for taking the lead on this important legislation and proud to be a co-sponsor i represent the mission district which is home to about 2000 sros unit and one of the neighborhoods with the highest rates of tenants displacement it is critical we preserve one of the last rhyming stock of homes available to low income people sros shelters the immigrants and seniors and documented and undocumented and people that are.
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>> leaned the revisions proposed are long overdue and will protect low income housing if conversion recently, i received mostly supportive comments i want to remark but say some remarks about an e-mail owe received actually a threat from the general manager of hole trap can that is an hotel in the mission he threatened he'll stop renting 3 to 8 sro hotel rooms to women that give birthday or recently gave birth that didn't work probably unintentional he
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is illustrating with his threat why this ordinance is so desperately needed i want to insure the homeless prenatal and the department of homelessness to find replacements for women both to give birth and he led the general manager of the hotel tropican tropicana. >> i'm reminded the foegz in the chambers clapping is not allowed. >> thank you, madam president today i'll be voting in support of this important ordinance and thank you supervisor peskin so for bringing this forward i can't think of anything more
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important than protecting the sro stock i've sensitive to their needs many of those folks live in the hotels and make good faith to provide good descents housing for the vulnerable resident the operators the implementation of them and pledge to work with supervisor peskin the rest of any colleagues and the owners and operators to make sure that ordinance is workable for all thank you. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> i just want to thank supervisor peskin for this important piece of legislation it is something that means a lot to me. >> you know in the san jose, 60s, san jose he should say
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noticing and lie, san jose he work with a lot of families in chinatown or north beach town and most of them live in sros not the best environment for families if not for that they wouldn't be here as supervisor safai mentioned then my brother came over from china in the 60s and 70's he know first hand the value of those units they're not the best conditions necessarily sometimes
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people trags transitional piece and some long term but we can't keep on losing those units that is a vital part of housing stock in san francisco so thank you. can i be a co-sponsor. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor yee and seeing no other names on the roster, - supervisor peskin. >> i have an amendment i made i don't know if it was seconded. >> seconded by supervisor ronen colleagues without objection, without objection the amendments passes nauchlz and on the item as amended colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinances passed unanimously on the first reading congratulations, everyone. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. >> all right. madam clerk let's go to the next item >> item 4 it through 45 madam president. >> yes. please ass and those comprise the person's interested in the adopted midst negative declaration under ceqa for the promotion project on market street, items 43, 44, 45 are the motions associated with that appeal. >> colleagues he understand the appellants are withdrawn the appeal recommended to the negative declaration for 950 through 974 market street can i entertain a motion to adopt items 43 and table 44 and 45? move forward by supervisor sheehy - i got that seconded by supervisor tang is there any public comment on this particular item next year please
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come forward >> hello supervisors my name is bryan the director of the key foundation here in san francisco and here to represent the appellants t gi p and the saint james and thank you supervisor jane kim for your leadership through this sometimes difficult process we've been able to create a compton transgender cultural district the first transgender legal district in the world that as profound profound accomplishment i thank everyone for your support and thank you to joel for engaging in this process with us and thank you for your gift to mitigate those historic resources because of you it is
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happening and really a profound profound thing and look forward to working with the neighbors as as thirty odd something resident of the district i'm happy we are taking the first steps in starting conversations about to e how to preserve the disenfranchised group our groups don't have resources to own and control property didn't mean our mists are not important i look forward to our ongoing dialogue how we can respect all of us so on behalf of the appellants we hereby withdraw our appeal and support the project on 950 market street. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors what a historic and powerful day for residential hotel tenants we're seeing two measures back to back that that concludes my
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presentation. to the residential hotel tenants to see the hotel conversion updates is to moving to see all of you recognize the needs for stronger protection but also to see this project 950 market street is another residential strength some of the tenants are worked with the developers over one and a half years to find a way to move forward that benefits the tenderloin communities that represents the low income tenants and really assures that any potential harms were mitigated we are here 0 continue to support this project because of a benefit with the support of supervisor kim's and with group i support and long hours and dozens of meeting by residential unit hotels $300,000 secured for job developments for tenderloin resident to make sure
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to get union jobs at the hotel we have money secured more affordable housing just two blocks away at rates for the tenderloin residents can afford and making sure that the in front line will be trained in deesclation and mental health and sensitivity so those are aspects of is an agreements we've not seen and historic citywide we're proud of the work the tenants did and appreciate the support from the st. joseph's and thank you for group i hope this can be a model for further benefit and partnerships between developers and the communities and thank you so much for the tenants that committed hundreds of hours and continue to work hard to make sure the project works well, for the neighborhood. >> thank you and. >> next speaker, please. >> jordan davis we want to say briefly owe do support like the
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as a condition the establishment the transgender district that is necessary pioneering - it's been back to back as a transgender we've come a long way woman i want you in my court just for clarity the members of the public that is specifically public comment on this particular hearing so not general public comment. >> thank you. >> my name is maria a community planner in the tenderloin and i also here representing the tenderloin development without displacement initiative and we
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just want to let supervisors know that we are happy with the sro protection that supervisor peskin and all of have voted on today, we also are very happy to support 950 market street and on behalf of the tndc we're happy those two things went forward so we can help us mitigate the displacements of low income people and especially people of color that live in low income communities thank you. >> any other members of the public that would like to specifically speak on this particular appeal we plan to table? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor kim >> thank you supervisor president breed we want to thank autopsy i autumn the communities members that are involved in that lengthy progress in accounting one of the what will be one of the major development
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projects on the mid block cord many of them spoke today conversations around the 900 block of market street began my first on the board of supervisors along with the mayor's office there was a strong interest what will go on a block vacant for many many, many years it took several years to get to a project proposal or p pa there was strong interest in grouping a number of vacant building together to develop this project on site but we also knew that was a very sensitive location the 900 block of market street at the is z of market street and downtown and shopping retail areas as well as is tenderloin and 6th street the tenderloin is a refuge for so many people in san francisco i
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say often either the first neighborhood that you land in or the last for so many reasons and the tenderloin has been a neighborhood and you see this when you walk through the streets a place a refuge for immigrants for the lgbt and reeflgz and formally homelessness and long term san franciscans that can't afford neighborhoods and sick and struggling the tenderloin accepts everyone and concrete and very valid concerns what a major development means for a neighborhood it is empowered area like union square our hotel and the van ness corridor it was a long process thank you
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group i for taking on that controversial site and working on a proposal with our office and community whether that be an art center sites or a different centered site and coming to the one that is before us today, i also really wanted to thank the community members for holding audible from a land use perspective how we impact the neighborhoods when we put in a development the sro collaborative and the key foundation in particular stepped up to say you know if we're going to support this development which we have concern for those are some of the things we want to see as we grow our neighborhood great to have hotel and market-rate apartments but make sure that our residents have train to get the jobs in the hotel that is
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being built our community heard out the interests of having art on site and the developer moved in a partnership with the magic theatre he look forward to working with the magic theatre and their programming includes did t lgbt community and the sro residents and oats boys and girls club and the development center amongst many others i want to recognize this is the first development that comments to a land dedication on one 80 jones a parking lot that builds step up housing for sros resident this is a long ongoing conversation when i campaigned in 2010 two or three issues i
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consistently heard from tenderloin residents one get us a grocery store i'm sorry about that but you came up with the gardens and that's been amazing, two roommate bodecker park make it safe a victory that has happened and that park is an oasis a step up housing for sro residents that will have been living in single-room occupancies hotels and ready to move on to affordable housing so this housing will create approximately 60 units of step up you housing for sores sores residents that currently have no more to go restricted by their income pay their rents on time
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but give back to the neighborhood so this deal will i'll be introducing $18 million to the tenderloin neighborhood and finally understanding that there are real mitigation impacts to a neighborhood and community that has long been known to be in particular a transgender non-gender conforming neighborhood when other neighborhoods were kicking the members of t out of lgbt it is the tenderloin those members come to underground bars and shows and cafeteria to the sro hotels and we need to recognize there had been impacts from market-rate development on the historic resources and so this contribution from our developer to the city to assure we can plan a historic district as well
4:51 pm
community serving center and retail space so we're employing our folks in the community and having active engaged and living resources not just a historic district but a living district i think is credibly important and so many of the concerns that came up through the appeal was assuring we were mitigating the loss of historic resources to the t lgbt and what i'm most looking forward from the city is working with the planning department the mayor's office of housing, mayor's office of economic workforce development to really examine what the resources are how to examine their value in the future this will not be the last project we're looking at this issue and moving forward not just preserve the history of the community and hour their interwoolen but make
4:52 pm
sure it stays alive i said this earlier i love that san francisco is a sanctuary city we're proud wear a sanctuary city for the refugees and immigrants and t lgbt community it didn't matter for a sanctuary city if none can afford to be here and if none has safe spaces and community centers that serve us this is an important step assuring we're not just staying a sanctuary city but welcome everyone in the tenderloin has always been is epic center of welcoming everyone i see that thank you to everyone for your work a complex and long process for everybody and want to appreciate everyone's willingness to work through tough and complicate issues and issues we're facing for the very fit so i know the appellant have
4:53 pm
withdrawn their appeal given that you had good conversations how to mitigate some of the impacts to the neighborhood and so colleagues now that public comment is closed. i'm going to make a motion - sorry. >> to. >> supervisor kim we already made the motion it was seconded before i opened up to public comment i apologize. i forgot who made the motion. >> supervisor sheehy wants to make some comments. >> i'll keep that brief salute the district again commend the obviously superb leadership of supervisor kim that was challenging to work through this win, win, win for
4:54 pm
everyone is a fantastic outcome so thank you, supervisor kim. >> all right. this is there is a motion that has been seconded on the motion to - to approve - i'm sorry item 43 and table. >> table item 44 and 45 oh, supervisor kim. >> i'm so, so sorry one last thing i forgot to actually thank the specific individuals and organizations want to recognize the 950 market coalition and alexander goldman and jackie and mike the coalition and
4:55 pm
(calling names) the staff of the mayor's office of housing and department of real estate and planning and oewd staff and the city attorney and, of course, the project sponsor and finally want to recognize april and bobby lopez for playing the awesome intermediatey role for all steps the process. >> thank you seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk please call roll. >> on the most to approve 43 and table 44 and 45 and supervisor farrell supervisor fewer supervisor kim supervisor peskin supervisor ronen supervisor safai supervisor sheehy is supervisor
4:56 pm
tang supervisor breed supervisor cohen there are 11 i's. >> the motion that item passes unanimously congratulations once again all right. madam clerk what is up next. >> the introduction of new business. >> all right. role for introduction. >> supervisor farrell is first up. >> thank you, madam clerk so colleagues, i have submitted a few items already i want to take a moment to address something that is on our minds we've been working on the past few days that is president trumps muslim ban that has been impacted over the weekends i was at the airport on sunday i know the vast majority of us were there
4:57 pm
it was inspiring and humbling and scary i admire the enthusiasm was incredible and throughout the country was president trump is doing is deplorable attempting to blow up the torch of the status of liberty that is a beacon of hope inform so many people from my recipients from ireland like i said time and time again, our city is born of immigrants and it is simply who we are and in attempting to ban people based on their religious beliefs is complete bull i don't care if our cardiac or muslim or judiciously are buddhist didn't
4:58 pm
matter by our constitution and hunt everyone is equal under our constitution in the united states and this is really hit home in many ways we are all have immigrant families aced supervisor safai knows many of my closet and dearest childhood friends including any best friends or of iran descents to see side affect on their families and not an individual everyone has people directly affected it is sad and it hits home so hard and what is happening is so unbelievable i'm proud to be here with you because as our board of supervisors and many of us have done press conferences and introduced things our mayor and city attorney we're standing
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united as a board of supervisors i'm proud to be with you and continue to be united with you that considers that man to be our president donald trump. >> thank you supervisor farrell. >> supervisor fewer. >> yes. thank you in the last week seen horrendous attacks on people muslim and woman and more communities have been revealing from the executive order the one million dollars of supplemental fund pays for nonprofit legal services will provide legal services in the community it is understood as anti cabinet administration ramps up their activities more and more of the residents will be detained and unfortunately, we're not currently providing the scale of resources for the guns our city
5:00 pm
takes a stands for as a sanctuary city we heard that loud and clear from the mayor and xhvn from the colleagues in order to think about how to provide legal services i requested the office of budget analyst to prepare a report on the program development of immigrants legal services from an municipality outside of san francisco and our you squanderers i have sponsored a supplemental given the moment for legal funding to the growing population of people who are detained i'm in discussion with the mayor's office of housing about the supplemental and will think reaching out to any colleagues on this issue i supported sponsored a source of funding for other services like rental subsidies for homeless and working with supervisor
5:01 pm
peskin office to schedule the appropriation to be heard at the beven and hopefully, we can make right the council and due process and protect our neighborhoods against hate and discrimination mar mentioned financing for misrepresent family buildings of 5 toe 25 through the small site program this thing funding will stable i's the buildings with low income people that are susceptible we passed prop c that provide one and $5 million to low interest loans for organizations to buy at risk properties in san francisco with more than 3 units once purchased broke out up to code and made permanently housing any district
5:02 pm
in the richmond is amongst the highest hit by no-fault evictions and seen the most loss of affordable housing units we have development that on a large-scale projects it is critical to say a healthy and functional acquisition program to stand the tide of avalos and develop our neighborhoods permanently housing stock to this ended i'm asking a hearing for the mayor's office of housing and the community-based organizations that that make this program work on the state of the program to bring the affordable housing like the richmond that lack affordable housing options thank you >> thank you supervisor fewer. >> supervisor kim. >> i'll do add the item we
5:03 pm
discussed and proud to introduce a historic legislation that will create the first transcenter t gi l lgbt known as is compton district funded by a compton t lgbt fund by the developer project on 950 market in and of itself to be a living breathing expression to our t lgbt community in particular to the transgenders non-conforming the tenderloin past and presents not only a commemoration of events as that caused the cafe riot that predated stonewall but a partnering with our office to assure we can integrate affordable housing and economic opportunities and retail by
5:04 pm
being a hub for the transgender community today with the broker agreement that has 60 units of affordable housing $300,000 to a newly formed compton t lgbt fund to support the heritage district in the tonight the creation of a transgender facility in the district and more transgender focus on commercial nonprofit storefront while the president roles back the clock a century threatening threatening to offer more laws against the community that is more important here in for us to facilitate the inclusion of our transgenders communities has we insist as our status as a sanctuary city like the boy scouts of america to
5:05 pm
will continue to affirm our values of inclusionary to create a city are executive orders president trump we'll respond with more trial attorneys and more inclusion i want to recognize many memrs of the community that worked with our offices educating us and pushing us to move forward to (calling names) so colleagues we hope you'll not just join me in supporting; is that true? encourage many as possible to add your name as a co-sponsor and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor peskin.
5:06 pm
>> submitted. >> thank you, supervisor supervisor ronen. >> i want to start off by tilly chang john gibner, deputy city attorney. and all the attorneys in his office sue donald trump the city of san francisco san francisco sued our president sued him seek on injunction against the executive order that attacks our city against a squanderers i couldn't be happier we're takeing on if executive order we have one of the best exclusive 0 law it gives me calm to know the city attorney's office taking the lead and he just wanted to express pride i'm introducing a resolution today in support of a
5:07 pm
bill sponsored by pro tem a call to the california sb 54 it does 3 things number one requires that no state and local resources are used to help immigration and customs carry out deportation and regardless of resources that are implemented a judicial warrant for the detention if local custody to ice custody and protects californian that seek services or engage with services to insure that private information didn't end up in easing hands and creates safe zones around comes out and other public places i'm happy to have learned this bill just passed ousted of the senate on a 5 to 2
5:08 pm
vote and heading to appropriations thank you supervisor fewer pr supervisor peskin supervisor yee and supervisor safai for covering the legislation and also wanted to thank (calling names) for working with our office to prepare this resolution and all of her incredible leadership and advocacy for immigrants rights secondly, i'm introducing a hearing request on the money bail system in san francisco today, i'm calling to xram the impact on woman in san francisco and identify opportunities to reform the system the minimum bail amount is 50 thousand a huge sum of people for more people to pay in full or come up with a 10 percent charge fees by
5:09 pm
bail bonds companies ways those bail bonds fees are not refundamental don't have to rotunda the money if the person shows up to the bail or the case is dismissed it was introduced by assemblyman rob and this morning state insurance commissioner talked about the reform it is apparent we need bail reform at the state level and glad efforts moving forward i would like to understand who in the hearing if anything we can do to improve the regulations surrounding the bail bonds corporations or system to picture that we are better serving our low income women and families we know that money bail hurts women people of color and hurts low income families it
5:10 pm
hurts financially when a person can gcopy to post bail they - heard of women and families forced to change of venues choose between rents and cloths and informed to pool money to meet bail although their loved one is healed without being charged with a crime that is a system that is in need of reform and asking the public defender and city attorney and treasurer and supreme court to help and thank you to my staff as being a lead the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor safai. >> thank you, madam clerk.
5:11 pm
>> i stand here introducing an imperative item for today's agenda many of you joined me declaring the city and county of san francisco united against discrimination and refugee policies against discrimination as mentioned by supervisor farrell and others with the actions that were taken by our president this pass week a few days the executive order limited the refugees hal if muslim countries 7 and one i was born if supervisor farrell being bio currently and having any family of irish and persian and wouldn't be standing in front of you when any father was coming to this country to study as a
5:12 pm
student it takes an sixth to escape goat people bans their religion and national over and over and ov mayor will sign this with the monies for the legal defense and another piece of this legislation urge our private philanthropic community to it step up and match the money we will set aside for legal immigrant work and stated to be $4 million over the next few years we want that community to match that community and hopefully to supervisor fewers add legal money for the defense
5:13 pm
work and fighting over limited resources the events in the last week turned people's lives upside down and many were detained at the airports and some abroad if they'll be let back into the united states and still confusion as to what will happen the court rooms look at the executive order and we're rightfully weary we commend our city attorney to take to court and challenge in a form the action of our president in terms of threatening the cities that are sanctuary cities that is important to be a show of force approve loud and clear that city will help our is finances and a are you puttion of hate
5:14 pm
declaring our constitution and sadly to say the leaders of our country the incident per hate is unamerican to our beliefs and hope you'll anonymously support this imperative item and we'll vote on it today the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor safai supervisor sheehy submit. >> okay supervisor yee. >> submit. >> supervisor breed. >> supervisor cohen thank you, madam clerk colleagues as you may know phase one of puc sister improvements program burglary spe $2.9 billion will be spent and the southeast treatment plant in the heart of district 10 it
5:15 pm
treats 80 percent of city's watermelon flow in under 60 million gallons per day my understanding is that much of the work at the southeast plant is scheduled to begin this year i'd like to call a hearing for the san francisco public works to provide an overall other s f i p overview with the focus on projects to provide an update to the colleagues that are serving as an introduction 0 so the new commissioners can learn in district 10 but across the city and like this hearing to be with purview of the items and projects that will be coming before the board in the near
5:16 pm
future thank you the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor tang you time to thank first of all, all my colleagues that took a stand to really fight for our values here in san francisco so collective thanks and grateful we're here in san francisco today, i'm introducing a followup hearing to a hearing back in july of 2015 this is regarding the streamlining of our restaurant permitting process through that hearing we really found out what we know that a lot of the restaurants go to hardships trying to open up a business in san francisco following that hearing we asked the office of economic workforce development, our small business commission and this corral and is department of building inspection and to do an assessment to help with the streamlining of our restaurants and permitting process since then we have be able to
5:17 pm
secure thanks to the board for securing a request we were able to hire someone in office of economic workforce development to be part of a small business acceleration team to help handle businesses through the permitting process i'm looking forward to an update on the board and look forward to more improvements to come with that, i submit. >> thank you supervisor tang madam chair that the conclusion of new business. >> at this time the public as a whole and not to individual board members, no one is required to comment on your matter. 49 through 51 public comment is not allowed when it was previously - put up a document on the overhead advise sfgovtv, and
5:18 pm
take it down when you are finished. . >> first speaker please. >> good afternoon andrew yip of nationalism people democracy and principles are people's livelihood to lead to firemen and equality for the worldly circus for skill reconstruction and social reconstruction for is making of a new century with the worldly management of good virtues with self-nature will be the expansion of try principle for the love and kindness for the reduction of people the
5:19 pm
person extension in making for society will be on origin for a packet for a mission at work the regulation of social bonds with the people then of a - with great teachings will require the unification of religion and packets in the money management of the worldly people the confirmation in making the benefits for the maturity of the people that will have the progress with the human civilization for the oneness of having below. >> good afternoon i'm amy the director the st. francis challenge and here with rolland a riot of 7th street and
5:20 pm
encampment box city and now at the navigation center and want to give you a brief overview in supervisor cohen's district and hope to do in the future here's a little picture show can we see that so this is the first day we brought the port potty to the encampment of boxes city as you can see there was a police officer that offered the service we got love positive feedback we were keeping human waste off the streets in the process as you can see a bunch of volunteers hundreds of volunteers come to that site to work with the encampments to support the orientation and trash pickup and beautification and address the issues by the surrounding neighbors and businesses those are 3 of the residents there r j and eddy holed up
5:21 pm
signs that is a navigation center or encampments the city allows us those are the outcome goals most people didn't want the 90 day shelters and rolland will speak to that we tried to do something different on 7th street and worked with the city and can we get support from dpw and sfpd and organ the village rather than picking up everyone up to the navigation center but the majority of people went to the navigation center there they are and what we have noticed is that the majority of people into the thirty day are existing into the street which you can see in the information and -
5:22 pm
>> my name is rolland's i lived in san francisco for 34 years i became homeless the city i went to the navigation center for thirty days i like the services at the navigation center a lot of help and like to stay there until i get my houses i have to leave on february 6th and go to a 90 day shelter 90 day shelter is not good for me because a curfew not safe for me i want navigation center help me help make a village with amy until i get any house thank you. >> hello thank you for the
5:23 pm
opportunity my name is lee i'm a high school teacher as faye academy of the art a non-religious private school in the haight ashbury and want to commend the supervisors for their speeches i've been life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness about how you want to stand up for people public school discriminated guns because of their origin and want to bring out our school a discriminated begins in this city at that momentum and the people that are discriminating happen to be the chinese chamber of commerce in chinatown our group like i said we're a non-religious school i have some of any seniors here to talk to you they want to dance for the city and the chinese new year parade and they've been denied participation in the parade for 4 years now because some people
5:24 pm
some students happen to practice meditation not all of them i have students that are christians and muslim and alice griffith theft thatheists this issue and this is not right. i i don't know if you've given funding to the chinese new year parade i thought with tax dollars that becomes a public events and shouldn't be discrimination because of that but i don't know 100 percent you could send strong words to allow our dance team to dance for the city we hope to do that many
5:25 pm
times. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello my name is cc we have dance students out in california our school speeds in classic dance and music awhile maintaining a balance with academics we're here to talk about discrimination against our school. >> our school fosters a learning environment to embrace our dance training we are are compassionate we wish to participate in the chinese new year hosted by the chinatown association unfortunately, we have been denied participation this parade because in our school some student practice a meditation, however, our school
5:26 pm
doesn't teach religion and no religious courses requirements the how often of students that practice this do so of their own accord ladies you can't share your time together one young lady will have two minutes and another young lady two minutes. >> we believe the reasons behind the discriminates unjust we as american citizens should express ourselves the chinatown association is responded by the u.s. government we're not sure about this year but denying the chinese new year prarpd you're denying our respect that is the discrimination by the chinatown and towards us as american citizens we are students on the
5:27 pm
other hand, we participated in the parade for 6 years and have ones - sharing the celebration is one of the greatest joys we wish to share the chinese dance to the community by joining the chinese new year parade our wish to share our chinese heritage which our - >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is fred and i'm a senior point arts of california recent i heard we're not allowed to celebrate in the chinese prarpd parade we've been notified for
5:28 pm
example, are participating in the columbus day parade way won the first place 6 times in a row and won rewards from dance compleegsz so far only been rejected from that parade in chinatown i strongly hope you can help us thank you. >> good evening supervisors my name is andy as fred mentioned we all go to the seniors to the academy of art i've been here 3 and a half years now and we've bang accepted everywhere except that one place because of people practicing a meditation what we want to do is dance and like show our happiness through dance we are not promoting the funk gone but a chinese dance i believe that they don't see that
5:29 pm
so their networking us to perform and - sorry that's about it. >> thank you we have a reading of an interpreter i'm a dance teacher and building that chinese collaborative dance is meant to touch the chinese art and through the parades and through the process of making dances and prep students grasp a sense of beauty of the diversity by denying our participation the new year were unable to share this bite everyone should see the beauty why should a chinese association be so scared see the
5:30 pm
performance of the students at the parade. >> oh, okay. >> can you play a clip of the video is it - okay. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:31 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you, thank you for your comments next speaker, please. >> thank you thank you xhepdz and members my name is christopher i live at the 6th street and howard i rise to comment on criminal ignorance the planning department is payroll ignorant of the over
5:32 pm
crowded muni google stop will suffer avenue removal of other bus stops various bus stops on treasure island are exorbitant on sea level rise that says that ti will be underwater we the 19 century where all the most important papers where the million and supervisor peskin is ignorant on the part of dbi payroll exorbitant of the hotel that needs to be torn down and supervisor cowen is ignorant of his own history he voted for resolution by this house to hold a plumber's moon aau union to the law regarding the replacement of sros and unaware if this resolution passes the my own miefshgly found the building
5:33 pm
was reinforced by timbers and didn't need to be torn down in the in the first place and the supervisor farrell was ignorant to get him re-elected. >> please direct your comments to the board as a whole discussing the reputation and behave of their colleagues and the campaign manager was ignorant how supervisor farrell will let me had the age of youtube ignorance is criminal thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> these ladies know how to dance i hope you help them out before you begin you need to show some respect for your
5:34 pm
president he's your president he put his hand on the bible not the koran and like to read from the bible it is god's word and because jesus is the only man that predicted he will come up from the dead at a particular time and going to prove sisters one said like palm 16 think about that if you're a rational being he pointed to prove sisters i'll fulfill the prophesies that were written down they will spit and crucify me and the third day i'll rise again and whoever shall not receive you nor hear your words when you depart out of the house of the city shack off the dust veryly that should be more tolerable in the day of so many
5:35 pm
dom and gave him our i send you forgot as sheeps in the midst of wolves and chapter 12 those when who are k assaulted christ the his miracles and now shall be brought down to hell for the mighty works were done in so moved dom bayshore but no more tolerable for so moved dumb than god killed them their homosexuals they didn't know hsa as much as the people. >> - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> herbert wiener district one.
5:36 pm
>> i'd like to have the the undivided attention of the board i want to compliment supervisor president breed on citing the problems of panel problems at the muni bus stop this is the incriminate operation of mta four decades good a comprehensive bus system that covered the city the problem to make it work this problem as exist for 4 decades and mta has not addressed but by external allowed the project the board has to go over mta stands for more train wrecks ahead we've seen our share of cruelty in the last week kwoo you don't have to go to washington, d.c. but to take care value street they removed
5:37 pm
did bus stops that adverse impact adversely on seniors and the disabled they will be required to walk long danced to the bus stops now this represents stupid and cruelty maybe stupid i can forgive ambassador cruelty i can't it is great we are a sanctuary city that we be protecting our citizens against the after the facts that government that is mean and cruel but protect our citizens of on the actions of a fail agency a man and woman agency without compassion at all thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> requesting supervisors i'm a staff interest and a at the
5:38 pm
asian law caucus thank you for pga the action that passed in the public safety committee the importance in terms of fighting back against the federal government and advancing our immigrant in san francisco and throughout california and last week executive order now more important than ever to make sure that legislation is passed for many of san francisco immigrant community members last week is side executive order raise a lot of fear and uncertainty about what will happen to them and their families if they fully integrated duo into the schools our law enforcement entangled them with ice the community didn't feel safe reporting to
5:39 pm
law enforcement their witnesses to crimes in a study that came out by tom an associate professor found that squanderers we have a lower rate of crime and will send a message to the federal government which san francisco did today california and san francisco will not assist you with deportions i ask you all to vote yes to pass off passage and again like to thank supervisor ronen and san francisco for standing with the immigrant community. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> hello good evening. i'm a community member and organizer with the california immigrant justice alliance with the value
5:40 pm
act as a row we have nearly 40 thousand signatures from a petition in california and in addition to 50 thousand petitions out of state and other states are seeking to protect the undocumented across the united states this resolution will protect immigrant families like mine by keeping california law enforcement out of deportation business that continues to profit out of separation of families a few years ago my grandfather with apprehend by ice agency and almost deported him thanks to a rapid mobilization we stopped the deportions, however, a new administration of trump any emigrated is a target for ice in a priority for deportation this
5:41 pm
is w work i'm urging everyone in the board of supervisors to pass it resolution. >> continue to fight and protect the immigrant communities thanks. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> ma'am, move the microphone directly in front of. >> i live in district one this today is the four time i come here and ask you to support my small proper owner right to fix any building and repair any building because i've been asking any all the outside resort help me didn't work any neighbor is protecting lends on
5:42 pm
the property line to finish his work this one is not right because i am the property owner i have the right to fix any building and then paint any building but no trespass law only thing on somebody some parties right and i should have the right to do any upgrade property finishing so sorry if i hired an attorney to sue her will cost me more than the neighbors agency i don't want to do it and here i ask you help in all the supervisors help in the mayor help give me the court order just to finish to fix any building thank you very much. >> thank you for your comments
5:43 pm
ma'am. >> good evening supervisors i'm terry i'm the executive director of g lgbt historic sovereignty around for 3 two years we have is have a small museum in the castro and here tonight to speak in favor of a resolution introduced by jeff sheehy in favor of getting the city and county of san francisco behind the creation of a new lgbtq history and cultural museum here in san francisco i think that is imperative the city get behind us and hopefully autopsy the members of the supervisors will vote in favor we have a archive proposed today over on market and streets of san francisco the archives have
5:44 pm
individual going back over one hundred years our community envisions the new museum as as home for the history we have so many stories to tell so many communities that are aspects of the lgbt weer diverse and can't display is one the current museum i'm hoping this is more than that a papering and well, work with the board of supervisors and actually for or against a partnership with the developer to create a new museum i expect to be here many times and thank you supervisor jane kim it is important that because supervisor kim it has district 6 where we have the ex-wife's and supervisor sheehy district 8 we have our museum it is important we- not boarded by national
5:45 pm
district we're from all races and gender and orientations and religious persuasions - >> thank you, sir. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is leonard a former human rights commission and a local artist i'm here to support the concept of. >> new g lgbt museum here in san francisco that which has been visionary and offered leadership in a number of fronts and i'd like to ask for your support of supervisor sheehy and supervisor kim's proposal to support getting this little museum that currently occupies a spot in the castro thanks to walgreens temporary lease into a
5:46 pm
much bigger space it it has out gotten it's space thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> tndc good evening a residence of the mission district and i'm a founding member of the g lgbt an organization i've been working with 3 two years and hear to speak in support of a resolution introduced by supervisor sheehy and co-sponsored by supervisor kim calling on the city and on other shareholders in san francisco to support us in establishing a new lgbtq museum i have the honor of somewhat bio currently spends a lot of time in france and gave a talk about the museum and archives at at museum i want san franciscans to understand your archives the far
5:47 pm
or farther away it looks bigger if tourists and investors all around the world they think of visitors a welcoming patrolling place for lgbt they draej of the history we built is inspiring not only to our elderly but to people all around the world and speaking for san francisco is it a way of helping people understand our san francisco values and concretely speaking for san francisco that will be a vital attraction for adversities all around the world to come and contribute to the local economy and learn about the great values in f this dark era the knowledge of those two come before us inspires us to work for social julius today so, please support the resolution today thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm shawn architectural
5:48 pm
historian and the co-author for the lgbt history and the co-author of the national parks lgbtq study chapter on san francisco i'm here to support the resolution people recognize san francisco as one of the most influential centers of lgbtq culture and politics in the world there is no other place more appropriate for world-class lgbtq history museum i hope using you'll continue to support the lgbtq historical society for the lgbtq history in the communities thank you. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> thank you, supervisors i'm curiosity from district 4
5:49 pm
i want to speak against legal defense it raise constitutional issues our constitutional 6th amendment is a right to an attorney. >> sir i'm pawing your times speak generally about those items the item 25 is on the agendas that provides funding to the community so, please don't speak about this item but do so in general i'll resume your times. >> i mean the constitution it seems pretty general should i just - >> and the right to a government funded public defender only in criminal cases not in civil and not for civil immigration court not in the realm of the public defender in fact, under the i n a the use of
5:50 pm
government money for the legal money for theal levin the board of supervisors and mayor have exceeded their authority in that area this is different than a sanction policy that is equally insidious but the policy has no fiscal policy not speak with federal immigration law enforcement so instead of reaching to make the phone call our jail returns the caller to his pocket none of the people's money is spent you'll have to find private funding for this. >> thank you for you comments. >> next speaker, please. >> hi there my name is brad, i. on the executive director of
5:51 pm
the harvey milk go be lgbt democratic club and reading a statement on behalf of the club the harvey milk is in sponge support in support of millennium of the lgbtq history and cultural since 19 ifd the historical society lifted up the history drawing connections continue the past and present the trump administration has wasted no time in attacking mayor's office of housing and community development and the community from the society visitors learn the history of transgender and queer history failing victims to 2009 germany from which textbook students learn about their history of margin in his histories with the cafe riots to the life and death of harvey milk the white knit riots and
5:52 pm
sorry the gay weddings at city hall san francisco has a proud history of resistance and discovery and preservation by the lgbtq society we ask you to support the lgbtq history to help to grow an institution and visited by travelers from all around the world and many times take bold steps to promote the history and counter hatred with ignorance and education and presentation unanimously passed a resolution affirming san francisco's commitment to the respect and dignity particularly as this resolution is a commitment to the fight for the right of lgbtq people undocumented and the different between the communities james baldwin wrote the great history comes from the fact we carry it
5:53 pm
within us - >> you thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm peter executive director of library users association i went to the mask for kevin star and can tell you he was a truth teller if you like librarian but opposed to the building of a new library but he paid with his job and later recordedly in a book patience of for it is the duty said the library was a paradigm lacking in space for books and materials and also spoke very strongly and
5:54 pm
consternation when the library move forward from the old to the new the library continues as not being a truth teller in earlier this month january 4th a complaint against the library we requested information what was the library presenting of american and made a question from mr. herrera there were others that were not included those were key transformations sunshine ordinance found the library in violation of law coming your way from the library with nfl incorrect information is going to be ultimately a request to spend a lot of money on a privacy threatening technology r f i d that ties in
5:55 pm
directly with concerns will surveillance and gathering of patron activities that will assist in tracking surveying. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> i live in supervisor sheehy's district and here to support the lgbtq history museum and all lesbians going forward supervisor sheehy i must commend you what i watched with regards to the stand expanded research and san francisco general that is history i appreciate that personally he met you when we were trying to elect one for mayor if it took donald trumps election to get this city's in touch with the values and the reasons we moved here i didn't
5:56 pm
come here to be a - i came here to celebrate different and live my life out loud i've been watching all day i have differences with some of you on issues i - we're getting in touch with not some folks but celebrating we're not against infill we want to keep the delicious food going forward thank you all so very, very much. >> thank you for your comments. >> next speaker, please. >> madam president i'm mr. duffey i live wherever i amputee moment radio like most people when confronted with any gender i decided to go with that, however, we have many populations for one population or another change snare genders i want to point out my
5:57 pm
experience i've noticed we have transgender people that come out here before high school and after high school they guess to college and windup staying here you can put a sign with bells and whistles this as a transgender mecca didn't matter it is a transgenders place i'll tell you living in the neighborhood here a big issue is employment another big issue is housing and what i see is that a great number of transgenders windup needing stabilization in their housing that costs money sometimes a lot of stabilization if you take a limited pool of money and throw it at gold played stuff that a little bit high on the hierarchy of needs i appreciate people say we're a -
5:58 pm
i'll leave it at that the politics is something we have people on the street we're not treating right. >> thank you for your comments next speaker, please. >> my name is bill wilson i been in this building since 9:30 i came for dennis herrera press conference after that i went down to sfo they're still aclu lawyers waiting to give advise for anyone coming off the international travel and contact you have to confess about 1 o'clock didn't know if i wanted to stay for the board of supervisors meeting and you did amazing things i came to support the history museum but have to
5:59 pm
say jeff supervisor sheehy's remarks about the beginning of the aids crisis and what 70 san francisco general meant reminded me, yes in its history it is what happened yesterday but history is what you are city doing today and yesterday informs what we do toy and tomorrow and no one said that better when you got up and commended the people that stood literally hundreds of feet above everyone and said resist i just so - and then you came and made a transgender cultural district i just can't express to you and without getting emotional and probably breaking down the how proud i am to be part of what
6:00 pm
you all are our values are important and our values are what will see us through you gave me hope and you gave me hope and continue to give me hope i'll sleep better tonight you know that - that sounds corny but not slept welcome things since the election. >> thank you pier 30/32 comments. >> next speaker, please. >> tom gilberty i agree with what the people said this is an interesting section. >> mr. gilberty. >> sorry about that. >> i agree with what the gentleman said that is an interesting session here democracy a challenge and in the beginnin


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